How to Wear This Season’s Curly Hair Trend (Even If Yours Is Super Straight)

To all those who have spent countless hours wrestling with dryers, straightening irons and even chemical treatments to get every hair in place: Times are changing. Gone are the days when sleek, bone-straight hair was the ultimate hair goal. This season, soft, tousled curls were all over the runways. Yes, it’s time to toss your straightener and mega-hold gel aside and embrace unstructured, carefree waves and coils.

If you weren’t born with natural ringlets springing out of your head, there’s no need to fret. We asked Dana Tizzio, senior stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon, to give us tips on how to curl your hair, even when yours is super straight.

Sleep Smart

When you’re working with little to no texture in your strands, any styling booster helps. Tizzio recommends setting hair while you sleep to build texture. “Braiding hair in two low braids overnight is a great base for adding more texture,” she says. Simply snooze and wake up to tousled, wavy hair. If you prefer a ringlet-shaped curl, swap your plaits for two low buns. Remember: The tighter you twist your buns (and the more buns you have), the tighter the curl.

Use Hot Tools/

From wands to curling irons to hot rollers, there is a tool to help you achieve your hair goals, especially when trying to add texture. “For a more long-lasting curl, opt for a 1-inch curling iron over a wand,” Tizzio recommends. “If you have naturally straight hair, wands often give results that may be too loose to support fine hair strands.” For a more relaxed curl look, try hot rollers for extra volume and bounce.

Enhance Curls With Product

Once you’ve settled on your method for perfecting your spirals, find a product that will not only enhance the texture but keep curls in place all day long. “Workable hairsprays are best because you can use them before applying heat as well as a finishing spray to keep hair in place,” says Tizzio. If your strands fall limp, try a dry spray or dry shampoo to plump hair density and add thickness and volume. Tizzio likes Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer ($26.99) and Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray ($42).

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