Better Together: Unexpected Style Pairings That Actually Work

Sneakers and Dresses

Designer sneakers are a major trend and when you’re spending serious cash on footwear, it’s great to know they’re versatile enough to wear from day to night. This trend really took on steam with the Spring 2018 shows and continued into Fall 2018 (notably at Burberry). While it’s easy to look like you’re ready for Halloween in some of the more out-of-the-box sneaker styles, by keeping your dress tailored and avoiding any excess fabric, sneakers and dresses can be both comfortable and stylish.

Sweatshirts and Sequins

Let the good times roll by combining athleisure with glitz and glam. Twinkling looks were all over the Spring 2018 runways and they’re an unexpectedly great trend to work into your wardrobe now. The key is to either commit to looking like a disco ball — as we saw on the Gucci runway — or pick a sequin sweatshirt and let that be the focal piece of your outfit (think sequin sweatshirt with fitted black trousers). 

Sandals and Socks

This is similar to the fanny pack in that this combination was long a serious fashion faux pas. Now, in the right context, it’s totally chic. The key to making the sandals and socks pairing work is to play up the kitschy, fun factor — think glitter!

Black and Blue

The problem with wearing black and blue together is that the two shades look very similar, which may make people wonder whether your pairing is accidental or intentional. Don’t let them question it. To make this pairing work, amp up the contrast by opting for a lighter shade of blue to pair with black. Alternatively, you can work in a brightly contrasting shade like white, gray or silver to play up the slight contrast if you want to opt for a dark blue.

Dress and Pants

Forget tights, the best way to make a dress work even if the temperature is nearing zero is to wear it over pants. The most important thing here is to either go lightweight if you’re opting for a long dress and loose-fitting pants or to go for a minidress paired with fitted pants. These two combinations are best to make sure the look doesn’t end up appearing bulky.

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