Tips for Stylish Workwear on a Budget

For both men and women, it’s really easy to create a basic wardrobe with just a few key pieces. You can mix and match those essentials in a variety of combinations, so you don’t have to feel like you’re always wearing the same thing and will have outfits suitable for various occasions. Let’s get you started. Use neutral colors as your base (black, gray, navy, or tans). This will not only ensure all your clothes will go together, it also can be a huge time saver (President Obama only wears gray or navy suits, eliminating that small decision he’d have to make every morning). Invest in quality pieces that you’re going to wear or use regularly—especially shoes and bags. Use accessories to switch up your look. Once you’ve got the basics accessories like ties for men or jewelry for women can add more color and variety to your wardrobe. When you find a piece you love that fits you well, buy multiple versions of it in different colors.

Modern Citizen

This San Francisco shop is all about clean colors and oversized designs that somehow still come off as perfectly tailored. Here, you’ll find classic yet fashion-forward pieces like overlay dresses and off-the-shoulder tops for under $100.

La Ligne

If your office style reflects your weekend getups, then La Ligne is your new best friend. The brand’s comfy-casual designs are dressy enough for the office but fun enough for those summer getaways (and you’ll feel better about investing a little more cash, since the clothes will get double the use). All of La Ligne’s designs are made with a little extra flair, giving your 9-to-5 #OOTD a little more life.

Charles & Keith

One of our favorite fast-fashion accessory shops secretly stocks all of your workwear needs. Buy it all, since you’ve finally found a shoe store that won’t cost you more than your month’s rent.


Grana is quickly becoming our go-to for all clothing essentials. Its recently released workwear line runs from $29 to $189. Before you think it may be another ho-hun assortment of blazers, it even stocks office ready cropped pants and bomber jackets.

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