Monthly Fricaine Exotic Handbag Giveaway Event

Do you love exotic bags that are guaranteed to give you a very unique look? Do you like to make fashion statements by carrying very cute purses that don’t cost you an arm and a leg? Do you like to be the center of attention everywhere you go because you’re wearing an affordable luxury bag? If any of those statements correctly describe you, then you need to get a Fricaine Exotic Purse for your fashion closet. Free!

Monthly Exotic Handbag Giveaway Event By Fricaine

Fricaine Exquisite Rattan Handle Exotic Shopper Bag (Green)

As fashionistas, among many reasons, it’s quite natural for us to want to look and feel different but very good at every occasion. Be it at work, play, while shopping, attending special functions or mingling with family and friends. As stylish individuals, we’re always in our awesome fashionista mode in order to fully express our unique sense of style, showcase our creativity, inspire others to be fashionable, boost our own confidence and feel very attractive to others. Perception is our fashion reality. The type and make of a handbag says a lot about the person carrying it. What does your handbag say about you? How many (truly) exotic bags do you have in your fashion arsenal? By exotic, we’re not talking about the typical run-of-the-mill, me-too handbags that the average woman on the street carries. Seriously, how do you standout from the crowd when you’re wearing a handbag that’s not truly affordably exotic and is very much similar to what every other lady is carrying?

An Exotic Purse Gives You A Unique Feeling

In life, there’s a natural instinct that we display whenever we come across anything that’s fresh and new. At the minimum, we give it a second look. Possibly, a third look, fourth look or many more looks so we may satisfy our curiosity and stoke our continued interest. The situation is the same when we see a friend, coworker or passerby carrying a unique piece of fashion item around us. We stop to look and ponder. For a moment or more, we aspire and wish that we were the ones making the crowd turn its head to acknowledge our presence and make a majestic bow in unbridled respect for our keen and infectious fashion prowess.

Fortunately, for all women with a well-honed fashion sense that is constrained by a limited budget, Fricaine, the truly unique fashion label, presents an opportunity to resolve this lingering dilemma. Fricaine specializes in exotic handbags, backpacks, wallets and clutches that are made from carefully selected, globally-sourced exotic fabrics. These exotic luxury fashion pieces are works of art that made from jacquard, wax fabric and embroidered materials. They are colorful, bold and exceptionally made with very high quality and strict attention to detail. The women who make Fricaine exotic bags a staple of their fashion wardrobe get compliments all the time (especially from total strangers) simply because of the sophisticated sense of fashion they exude.

Even better, Fricaine will give away one exotic bag each month to a random selected lucky winner. This is a huge opportunity for all lovers of fashion from all walks of life. Cease it!

Exotic Bags Giveaway Event Participation Rules:

There is no purchase necessary or required. To participate in the Monthly Fricaine Exotic Handbag Giveaway event all you need to do is submit your name and email address so you may be notified if selected as the lucky winner for the monthly drawing. This ongoing event is open to all legal US residents, aged 18 years and older. There is a one entry limit per household. By entering this Monthly Fricaine Exotic Bag Giveaway event, you agree to and will provide your name and valid email address to Fricaine. You also consent to receive future communication from Fricaine regarding newsletters, promotions, new products, offers and events. The Giveaway event ends at midnight (central time) on the last day of each month. A winner, selected randomly, will be announced one week later. The selected winner will have 48 hours to provide the correct shipping information to facilitate receipt of their prize. At any time, the odds of winning depend on the total number of entrants at the end of the month of drawing. Fricaine reserves the right to discontinue, cancel or suspend this Monthly Fricaine Exotic Handbag Giveaway event at its sole discretion at any point in time.

Here’s wishing all the fashionistas that are into exotic bags and looking fabulous at all times, good luck!

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