Holiday Outfits That Won’t Break The Budget

Get the most bang for your buck this holiday season! We show you how to wear four great pieces: a ruffled blouse, velvet dress, satin pants and brocade skirt-to more than just cocktails

Ruffled Blouse

PARTY: A top can be tucked in if the skirt has a high waist (otherwise the fabric balloons over). Finish with a sleek clutch and sparkling heels.

WORK: Belting the waist emphasizes the shoulders to create a traditional “power suit” silhouette out of an unstructured vest and ankle-length trousers.

WEEKEND: An understated military-esque cardigan is the bridge between a fancy silky shirt and casual skinny jeans, keeping the overall effect playful.

Velvet Dress

PARTY: Adding a sheer lace cardigan under this sleeveless burgundy sheath creates an entirely new dress. Ocher pumps are the perfect color contrast to burgundy and black.

WORK: Velvet at the office can be tricky to pull off, so downplay the sexiness by covering skin with a prim cardigan and opaque tights.

WEEKEND: A pea-green army coat and sturdy boots give a functional vibe to what is essentially cocktail attire.

Satin Pants

PARTY: A silver lame top and strappy pewter heels not only look opulent, they lighten up the dark, solid color of the pants.

WORK: The silk top has a flowy feeling, but the structured bag and tailored jacket prevent the overall silhouette from seeming too casual.

WEEKEND: These loose pants could look like PJs if worn with just a tee. Layering a jacket and button-down is an easy, polished way to complete the ensemble.

Brocade Skirt

PARTY: A high neck gives a sexy sheer blouse a touch of modesty. Rhinestones on the purse echo the sparkle in the skirt.

WORK: The collegiate blue blazer and white shirt mean you’re serious, even if your mini is festive. Keep the vibe studious with tights and oxford pumps.

WEEKEND: The skirt’s femininity mixes with the casual edge of a jeans jacket, a filmy T, and motorcycle-inspired boots.

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