Exotic Handbag Line Turns Heads in Collective Cultural Designs

NATIONWIDE – With bright, attractive colors, intricate embroidery work and various styles, Fricaine has hit the fashion scene with head-turning exotic handbags that will stop any fashionable woman in her tracks.  Designed by native Nigerian, Stephen Kayode, Fricaine is an exotic handbag brand that celebrates humanity using special fabrics that are essential parts of identities worldwide. “Our portfolio of products is nurtured by expansive global travel,” explains Kayode, “in Europe, Africa, Asia and throughout the U.S. The line is also inspired by the beautiful traditional and eclectic expressions of identifiable native fashions from these areas.”

Fricaine, the creatively apt brand name is derived from the French word “Africaine”, which means “African”. As a refreshing fashion concept, it has deliberately evolved over time into a business built on exceptional quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. “We spent 18 months conducting extensive research and development that involved interviewing our target customers across a broad spectrum, conducting focus group sessions, seeking the opinions of people in the fashion industry and traveling internationally to validate the core concept of our business. All of this was done before our first acceptable sample was ever made,” said Kayode. “We gained invaluable knowledge and exposure from this endeavor that is bound to remain relevant and very useful to the evolution of Fricaine and our portfolio of products in the coming years. Our objective is to continue to offer affordable handbags that are trendy and exquisite to our customers.”

Exotic Luxury Purses in Fricaine’s Portfolio

The Fricaine line consists of jacquard and wax fabric materials, and embroidered purses. The company carefully selects unique, superior quality fabrics which are then redesigned to create well-crafted exotic purses and handbags. “Our products accentuate the appeal of our sophisticated customers, empowering them for the world to admire.” Kayode added that customers who carry Fricaine’s products exude an exotic and highly fashionable image that complements their personal style.  The portfolio of exotic luxury purses has rapidly expanded to include exotic wallets, exotic clutches and exotic fashionable backpacks. In essence, there is something on offer for any woman of style.

Monthly Exotic Handbag Giveaway

As a fast-growing fashion brand, Fricaine recognizes and appreciates the critical role our loyal customers play in our journey. To demonstrate our gratitude, each month, Fricaine will give one of its affordable handbags to a lucky customer that is randomly drawn from a growing pool of followers and ardent supporters. You’re invited to participate in the ongoing Fricaine’s Monthly Exotic Handbag Giveaway Event.

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Fricaine is a mainstream fashion brand that celebrates humanity by embracing the special fabrics that are essential parts of identities worldwide. It provides high quality fashion products made from globally-sourced exotic materials that accentuate the tastes and preferences of its customers. We offer affordable handbags to our fashion-conscious customers.

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