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Subscription services that can raise your fashion profile

What’s better than a collection of surprise items arriving at your doorstep every month or so at prices that beat in-store options? The amazing little grab bags we found are full of trendy must-have clothing and accessories. Even if you have time to shop every month, having a personal stylist who pushes your fashion boundaries is totally worth the splurge.

Le Tote

For a monthly price, you can choose a “tote” of three clothing pieces and two accessories from the company’s inventory. You can try the items on, wear them to work or when you’re hanging out with friends, and once you’re done, just ship the stuff you don’t want back and purchase the pieces you do want. Another bonus: You get unlimited “totes” every month, so you don’t have to wait to try out more stuff.


This is made for those who love a little bling but don’t have the money (or space) for a huge jewelry box full of designer baubles. First, you’ll create a profile on the site and add items to your jewelry wish list. Then you’ll get three hand-selected pieces in the mail based on your style. You can wear the pieces for as long as you like and send back when you don’t need them anymore. You can get an unlimited amount of boxes sent to you every month—the restriction is you can only borrow three pieces at a time, so you’ll have to return a piece before you can request a new one.

Gwynnie Bee

Looking for the newest in plus-sized fashion? This service is it. Based on your subscription plan, you can choose from one to 10 garments at a time from the site’s collections. Wear all the pieces from the box (for as long as you want, there’s no limit), keep the ones you want to purchase, and send back the ones that you don’t want

Stitch Fix

With this subscription box, a personal stylist will choose five pieces based on a style profile you make on the site. Once you get the box, you have three days to decide what you want to buy and what you want to send back. You can even send your stylist detailed feedback about the items, so she can make a better, more personalized selections the next time. There’s a $20 styling fee for every box, but that fee can be credited towards any item you decide to buy.


It’s time to change up your workout uniform of plain black leggings and a solid-colored tank. Customers first take a lifestyle quiz, then Fabletics will recommend some workout clothing for you to purchase. If you buy the VIP subscription, you’ll choose a complete outfit (a top and a bottom) by the 5th of each month to be shipped to your house. If you don’t like any of the choices, you can opt to “Skip the Month,” so you won’t be charged.

10 Creative ways to stay stylish this winter

With freezing temperatures and back to back snow storms, dressing to stay warm is an absolute must. However, staying warm throughout the winter doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable while doing so! I’ve put together some tips that should help inspire your next shopping trip. Now if you’re a budget fashionista like myself, use these tips to work with what’s already in your closet.

1)Don’t underestimate the impact of Hats and Beanies

One of the easiest ways to pull a winter look together (and keep that head of yours warm and toasty) is with a cute beanie or hat. It’s also a bonus when having a rough hair day!

2) Bold lips colors can instantly transform your look

Look how effortless (yet pulled together) the stunning Joan Smalls looks with her bold lip color and beanie above. Her look is screaming casual chic winter fashion.

3) Don’t be afraid to rock a sassy pair of ear muffs.

For hair days when you want to sport an updo, swap out the beanie for a cute pair of ear muffs. The key is to simply have fun with them! I am simply loving the raccoon ear muffs from Revolve.

4) Chunky scarves are your best friend

This past fall I spotted a chunky cashmere scarf from Zara… I bought two in different colors and I have literally gone no more than 3 days without wearing either of them. Scarves are an absolute must during the cold winter days and the chunkier the better! Of course you can always opt for a more reasonable size if you don’t want the scarf to overpower your look.

5) Statement Coat… Enough said

Owning at least one statement coat (think bold colors or prints) is key to your happiness throughout the winter! No but really… it is the easiest way to brighten up those neutral layers.

6) Belt up to lose the bulk

The only way to remove the frumpy look that all those layers can cause is to belt it up! A lot of coats already come with a belt but don’t be afraid to mix and match to add some flair to your look. Simple trick: the easiest way to eliminate the bulk is to stick with tailored coats!

7) Add a few statement sweaters to your wardrobe

Rocking a statement sweater with interesting graphics or embellishments is an easy (not to mention cozy) way to transform your look.

8) Jazz up your outfit with gloves

Gloves are a great accessory for the winter time and yes… they are another must-have in the extreme cold but no need to rock oven mittens to stay warm. My personal favorites are the dainty low-cut gloves that work for a night out or the touch-phone compatible leather gloves.

9) Have fun with your boots

I like to think that this is every girl’s favorite part of dressing during the winter season. Boots are the ultimate accessory that can totally make a winter outfit pop! Whether you prefer chunky ankle boots or thigh-highs (my secret weapons), don’t be afraid to add some contrast and step away from the basic black.

10) Think smart when layering

Sounds simple but layering can be quite tricky when trying to stay both warm and fashionable. My go-to shopping spot is Uniqlo for their awesomely thin layers in the Heatteach collection. The tops can be worn as a second skin and the tights/leggings are perfect with a skirt and boots.

7 Stylish Sweaters For Women and Men This Winter

Turtlenecks and fall are two undivided friends. The high collar sweater is the ideal option to be worn daily for a cold and rainy time. It can be used to create that multilayer effect: usually it is worn under the sundresses of mohair, but if you want to break the stereotypes, dress it over a shirt, breathing the sleeves to the elbow. This season, the most current colors are the shades of red, gray, white-yellow, black.

Wide Sleeves

Equally demanded will be sweaters with wide sleeves. They can be with or without a cuff, long or short. Patterns can be worn as a single element and above thin blouses. Moreover, fashionable are sweaters with puff sleeves already seen on fashionable blouses and dresses.


The love of designers for birds and animals is reflected in various applications on cotton, wool and angora sweaters. Birds and puppies for stylish look, fox mutter, telephones and other objects can appear on teen sweaters. There are also glowing applications such as multicolored stones or floral motifs.


The larger the sweater is, the more comfortable it is. You have not chosen the right size, no problem, your success is guaranteed. Wool and angora give volume, and the predominant range of colors are intense shades. Oversized sweaters have different shapes, they can be knitted in different techniques or they can have masculine elements. The large collar serves as a scarf.

Long and short sweaters

A long sweater can also serve as a dress, and if worn with pants, then you will surely be the most modern and stylish. Fashionable and tall women will be at the height of happiness this season due to the appearance of asymmetric and monochromatic patterns, which can be worn with a right skirt and also can exceed the length of the skirt.

Classic Designs

Fitted silhouettes, different types of knit, additional elements like polo collar or brand logo, Scandinavian traditional print, etc. are some of the classic sweaters designs for fall-winter 2017-2018. A classic sweater can be worn with any pattern of pants or skirt, it is important to have a harmony between the top and the bottom of the outfit. The trendy colors are blue, gray, beige and white.

Brooks Brothers Breton Stripe Cotton Cashmere Sweater

Worn by French sailors and made popular by James Dean, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol, Breton stripes are at home in any season. Wear this cashmere cotton sweater under a pea coat to complete the look.

Billy Reid Shawl Collar Sweater

Lattice quilting gives this Billy Reid pullover added warmth and a unique structure. Suede elbow patches and buttonhooks add a vintage, lived-in look.

3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Fashion

Want your kids to dress well? It’s important to teach them how to select the right clothes for them in the right styles and meeting the clothes budget. Here’s how.

Tip #1: Color matters:  It’s no secret that some people wear certain colors better than others — and that’s true for kids too. So, be color aware. "Step one is to find the child’s best colors. These are not necessarily his or her favorite colors but the ones that are most attractive on them," says image consultant Barbara DesChamps, author of It’s In The Bag: The Complete Guide to Lightweight Travel and It’s In The Bag: Your Custom Business and Travel Wardrobe. DesChamps suggests going to a fabric store and seeing what colors really work with your child’s skin tone. "Once you know the best colors, you can shop with fabric swatches or paint chips and know that what you buy will go with other items already in the closet. This saves time and money and avoids mis-matches," she says.

Tip #2: Find out what they like, within your parameters: You want to encourage your child to find their own style … but you want it to be within reason. So, how do you accomplish that? DesChamps suggests putting together a section of photos (from catalogues, magazines, etc) of varied styles that you approve of and getting a feel for what your child gravitates to. "When they have representative samples, they can show them to the child and elicit feedback. Do this with only one child at a time so they get personal time and are not bothered by negative comments from siblings," she says.

Tip #3: Teach them value – Kids have no idea how much things including clothing cost. It’s your responsibility to teach them how to create a great wardrobe on a budget. "Most kids I think, are apt to lean towards the ‘name brands’ that everyone else is wearing, even if they cost five times more than an unbranded T-shirt or sweatshirt," says Wendy Young of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids.

What can you do? Stress the importance of saving on the staples — like t-shirts, sweats, socks and more — and splurging on just a few statement pieces. "For older kids, giving them a budget for clothing and if the kid wants to spend more than is budgeted (for name brands, etc.), the child will have to pay the extra amount," says Young.

Tips for Stylish Workwear on a Budget

For both men and women, it’s really easy to create a basic wardrobe with just a few key pieces. You can mix and match those essentials in a variety of combinations, so you don’t have to feel like you’re always wearing the same thing and will have outfits suitable for various occasions. Let’s get you started. Use neutral colors as your base (black, gray, navy, or tans). This will not only ensure all your clothes will go together, it also can be a huge time saver (President Obama only wears gray or navy suits, eliminating that small decision he’d have to make every morning). Invest in quality pieces that you’re going to wear or use regularly—especially shoes and bags. Use accessories to switch up your look. Once you’ve got the basics accessories like ties for men or jewelry for women can add more color and variety to your wardrobe. When you find a piece you love that fits you well, buy multiple versions of it in different colors.

Modern Citizen

This San Francisco shop is all about clean colors and oversized designs that somehow still come off as perfectly tailored. Here, you’ll find classic yet fashion-forward pieces like overlay dresses and off-the-shoulder tops for under $100.

La Ligne

If your office style reflects your weekend getups, then La Ligne is your new best friend. The brand’s comfy-casual designs are dressy enough for the office but fun enough for those summer getaways (and you’ll feel better about investing a little more cash, since the clothes will get double the use). All of La Ligne’s designs are made with a little extra flair, giving your 9-to-5 #OOTD a little more life.

Charles & Keith

One of our favorite fast-fashion accessory shops secretly stocks all of your workwear needs. Buy it all, since you’ve finally found a shoe store that won’t cost you more than your month’s rent.


Grana is quickly becoming our go-to for all clothing essentials. Its recently released workwear line runs from $29 to $189. Before you think it may be another ho-hun assortment of blazers, it even stocks office ready cropped pants and bomber jackets.

6 Tips For Looking Fashionable On a Budget

Some of us love to shop and others not so much, but we‘ve all got to wear clothes. Why not look great while not breaking the bank? Here are six tips to getting the fashion wardrobe you want while staying on your budget. Think on it a minute and decide if all was a perfect world, how would I dress?

1. Review what you have

People tend to accumulate and accumulate and hold on to things that are never or rarely used. Take some time and face your closet. First, see the big picture.

  • Do you have a ton of blue things, but no red?
  • What about having 100 t-shirts but no date-worthy clothes?
  • What about shoes?
  • Are they all sandals?
  • Tennis shoes?
  • Do you have pants you never wear because they need ironing?

You’ve already decided how you want your wardrobe to look, so start going through and finding what fits your vision and what doesn’t. Take the pile of things you don’t wear or use and…

2. Sell, trade or toss

If you have nice things you don’t wear or use, consider selling them. Now that you’ve cleaned house and made a few bucks you can see what you are missing!

3.Go Shopping… But Don’t Buy Anything

The best way to define your style is to get clothes on your body. Whether this is spending a day at the mall or at Goodwill, this isn’t a shopping trip but a research trip. Try on trends, a variety of silhouettes, different concepts. Each time you try something on, think:

  • Does it work with my lifestyle?
  • Does it work with the rest of my closet?
  • Does it make me feel good?

Working with your lifestyle means exactly that. Can you wear it to your job? Is it the kind of thing you’d wear on the weekend? Does it have laundry instructions that are realistic for your life and budget? Does it work with the rest of your closet? If you buy these pants will you need to buy new shoes for them? Will that top work only if you buy a slip, a minimizer bra, and a pair of high waist trousers? Even if you hate your current wardrobe, there’s no way you can afford to replace all of it. Pieces you add to your closet should be able to work with what you have but still have the feel of your future wardrobe. A safe bet is to find base colors. For me, black is my base color and silver is my base hardware. I don’t own any brown or navy shoes, I only buy things that work with the shoe wardrobe I currently own. I don’t buy anything that doesn’t work with my current drawer of underpinnings. Little reminders like this will keep you on budget.  No matter your budget, new purchases unless they are bought in an emergency, should make you feel good. A color you like, a fabric that doesn’t make you itch, a style that makes you feel fun or cool or sexy or feminine or svelte, nothing that digs or gaps or feels awkward.

4. Shop the classics

Write down the fashion items that would make up your dream wardrobe. A small closet full of quality clothes that actually fit make you look so much better than a huge closet full of cheap, old, ill-fitting items ever will. Need help on what you want to buy? Stick to classic items and embellish with the trends. For example, for a woman, a classic might be a beautiful black dress, and the trend would be an infinity scarf and statement earrings. For a guy, a great fitting pair of pants and a no-wrinkle shirt matched with a vest or a bow tie embellishment. The classic look depends on your style. I mostly prefer to think of the classics as items that you wear all the time. Items that can last a thousand washings. Items that really pull a lot of your wardrobe together.  Find a base color, a base denim hue, one or two neutrals you like and one or two “signature” colors. Think black, white, dark denim, navy, hot pink, and coral. Brown, cream, grey denim, blush pink, and taupe. Of-course you can vary from this color story, but you’re always looking for items that will work with your signature color story. This isn’t boring, this is creating a signature style. Look at some of the style icons over the past century – they stuck to a core collection of colors, silhouettes, and general styles. Simplifying your style is increasing your budget and increasing your style quotient.

5. Step Outside a Mall… and Outside the Box

Malls encourage spending, malls make you feel that if you leave without a purchase you have failed.. Think because you’re on a budget you can only shop certain stores? Think the best deals are at big-box discount retailers like Marshall’s? Think again! Being stylish on a budget takes time, takes research, and takes ingenuity. And most of this needs to take place outside your standard shopping mall.

6. Buy Less

Stylish people repeat garments and repeat outfits. If you have a simple color palette and a defined personal style, people won’t know if those are the same black ankle pants you wore the other day or not. They won’t care, they will just notice they’re a great fit. You don’t need more than one or two pairs of jeans, one or two pairs of pants. Buy carefully, take care of them, and you can easily wear the same thing multiple times in one week and look stylish every time.

Goal Setting for 2018

The end of the year is always chock-full of celebrations, gift-giving and merriment, but it’s incredibly important to remember to dedicate time to think back on your year and look forward to what you want to accomplish in the coming new year. Setting resolutions is about more than making a wish as the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve. Resolutions are a beautiful reminder that January 1st is a clean slate and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

1) Use a LifePlanner

There is no better way to keep track of your life and stay organized (which is crucial when looking to achieve goals) than with a planner. We recommend our bestselling LifePlanner™, available as both a 12-month Hardbound or a 12-month Coiled option. Your LifePlanner™ is a space you can jot daily intentions, celebrate monthly milestones & get inspired to stay on track! Whether you’re setting financial, professional or personal goals, keep everything in one colorful & wonderful space. Monthly overview pages let you make a game plan for the month ahead, while our weekly layouts help you tackle each week. 12 “mini months” at the front of the book are the perfect space to set a goal for each month of the year, so it’s easier than ever to plan out your dreams. You’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down, so give it a chance!

2) Start with 1-2 main goals

Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting an unattainable list of items you’d love to see happen. Prioritize 1-2 main goals and then develop action items to accompany them. While it may seem difficult to do when you have a list of resolutions, it’s important to understand and rank which you need to emphasize.

3) Set achievable & measurable benchmarks

If you’re focusing on wellness, make your goal about improving overall wellness and then set achievable and measurable benchmarks to accompany that goal, like “drink 8 glasses of water per day” or “go to the gym twice per week.” By defining specific ways you can reach your goal, it will be easier to track your progress! Make sure you aren’t setting yourself up to fail by setting benchmarks that are unattainable! You can always readjust your goals to fit once you see how well it all balances.

4) Hit the reset button & be prepared for hurdles

It’s easy to feel discouraged or beaten down, so prepare for and anticipate hurdles. Plan ahead and schedule a meditation session or book tickets to a conference to see a motivational speaker! If you can properly prepare for moments of discouragement, you can easily get yourself back on track!

5) Add color and inspiration!

Setting goals is one thing- but sticking to them is another! Add festive pops of color, inspirational quotes, festive stickers and pictures to your planning so you can stay positive and focus on the fun!

Holiday Décor on a Budget

Looking for a few simple ways to make your home feel festive for the holidays? Skip the pricey ready-made holiday decor in favor of natural materials, white twinkle lights and a handful of basic items from the kitchen and craft store.

1. Put up a Christmas tree

Well, this is the easiest & quickest way to add that Christmas charm to your home. The most obvious way to bring Christmas into your home is by adding a Christmas tree in your home no matter what kind of tree it is. It can be big, small, silver, gold, made of paper, or just a tiny rosemary plant. You can see a bunch of Christmas tree ideas {here}. Whether you like a classic douglas fir or a white tree with colorful lights, either way it’s the number one way to make your house ready for the holiday season. Christmas ornaments can be made by hand like the star ornaments we made from popsicle sticks on our neutral Christmas tree.

2. Hang up a Christmas wreath

A christmas wreath hanging on your front door will welcome your holiday guests into your home, but wreaths look great inside too. You can DIY a spiffy red & green wreath by adding ornaments & other christmas items or you can simply hang a plain pine needle wreath with a ribbon to give off the holiday vibe. Wreaths are a fun and easy way to bring the yuletide spirit to your home. I use wreaths almost everywhere in our home, & what is great is you can find great sales on them at the stores or make them out of natural elements from your yard. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful.

3. Light some candles

Lighting can really set the mood for warm and cozy winter days. Lighting a candle or a group of candles in some holiday decor can really bring your Christmas decorations to the next level. Candles look great as centerpieces on tables, vignettes & on any piece of furniture in your home, & as a bonus the holiday ones smell great and set the mood with great scents like cinnamon & baked goods. Use candles you already have around the house & surround them with some holiday elements to create the perfect centerpiece that didn’t cost you a penny.

4. Bring out some throws & holiday pillows

Adding cozy blankets & holiday pillows with pops of gold, green, red, or any other fun holiday colors is a great way to add warmth to your everyday home decor. Plaids, Christmas patterns, holiday colors, & even DIY’ing a Christmas themed pillow is the perfect way to bring the cozy decor in your home. A tip for a quick plaid throw: we purchased some cheap plaid fabric from walmart& used it as a holiday throw & no one knew the difference!

5. Wrap those gifts early

Adding Christmas gifts and placing them under the tree it adds that thrill to your holiday decor. There are a million ways you can wrap Christmas gifts, & you can even wrap faux boxes to look like christmas gifts to place them under your tree or add to your Christmas vignettes before you wrap your actual gifts. Add some cute ribbon, some ornaments, & even some chalkboard gift tags & you have some lovely holiday decor for under your tree. Wrapping tip: The dollar store sells great brown craft paper that looks great paired with some natural elements you can find in your yard. Cheap & chic holiday wrapping paper!

6.Get your dining room Holiday ready

You might not be throwing a huge Christmas part at your house this holiday season, but by adding some Christmas decor to your dining room you can really turn every meal you and your family have into a festive feast. By simply adding a centerpiece of candles & some greenery or any holiday centerpiece of your choice , your dining room instantly screams Christmas. Remember it doesn’t have to cost a lot to be beautiful. We created some candle centerpieces with beans, a glass jar, & a candle for a simple holiday look.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Design a standout Christmas tree that will be the talk of the holiday. Our collection of colorful, crafty, and creative Christmas tree pictures could inspire your first tree…or your fifth. Plus, get ideas for handmade ornaments and creative Christmas tree themes.

Rustic Neutral Tree

This year, trim the tree with pops of white and brown. This neutral tree allows the beauty of the Christmas tree itself to shine.

Red and White Tree

This tree’s as sweet as a candy cane and just as colorful! To get the look, choose stripped ribbon to stand in for a classic garland. Coordinating ornaments finish this classic Christmas tree theme.

Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

A winter-inspired Christmas tree with blue and silver ornaments is perfect for a more modern home.

Red and Lime Christmas Tree

Using lime instead of a more traditional emerald green is the perfect way to put a twist on traditional Christmas decorations.