10 Creative ways to stay stylish this winter

With freezing temperatures and back to back snow storms, dressing to stay warm is an absolute must. However, staying warm throughout the winter doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable while doing so! I’ve put together some tips that should help inspire your next shopping trip. Now if you’re a budget fashionista like myself, use these tips to work with what’s already in your closet.

1)Don’t underestimate the impact of Hats and Beanies

One of the easiest ways to pull a winter look together (and keep that head of yours warm and toasty) is with a cute beanie or hat. It’s also a bonus when having a rough hair day!

2) Bold lips colors can instantly transform your look

Look how effortless (yet pulled together) the stunning Joan Smalls looks with her bold lip color and beanie above. Her look is screaming casual chic winter fashion.

3) Don’t be afraid to rock a sassy pair of ear muffs.

For hair days when you want to sport an updo, swap out the beanie for a cute pair of ear muffs. The key is to simply have fun with them! I am simply loving the raccoon ear muffs from Revolve.

4) Chunky scarves are your best friend

This past fall I spotted a chunky cashmere scarf from Zara… I bought two in different colors and I have literally gone no more than 3 days without wearing either of them. Scarves are an absolute must during the cold winter days and the chunkier the better! Of course you can always opt for a more reasonable size if you don’t want the scarf to overpower your look.

5) Statement Coat… Enough said

Owning at least one statement coat (think bold colors or prints) is key to your happiness throughout the winter! No but really… it is the easiest way to brighten up those neutral layers.

6) Belt up to lose the bulk

The only way to remove the frumpy look that all those layers can cause is to belt it up! A lot of coats already come with a belt but don’t be afraid to mix and match to add some flair to your look. Simple trick: the easiest way to eliminate the bulk is to stick with tailored coats!

7) Add a few statement sweaters to your wardrobe

Rocking a statement sweater with interesting graphics or embellishments is an easy (not to mention cozy) way to transform your look.

8) Jazz up your outfit with gloves

Gloves are a great accessory for the winter time and yes… they are another must-have in the extreme cold but no need to rock oven mittens to stay warm. My personal favorites are the dainty low-cut gloves that work for a night out or the touch-phone compatible leather gloves.

9) Have fun with your boots

I like to think that this is every girl’s favorite part of dressing during the winter season. Boots are the ultimate accessory that can totally make a winter outfit pop! Whether you prefer chunky ankle boots or thigh-highs (my secret weapons), don’t be afraid to add some contrast and step away from the basic black.

10) Think smart when layering

Sounds simple but layering can be quite tricky when trying to stay both warm and fashionable. My go-to shopping spot is Uniqlo for their awesomely thin layers in the Heatteach collection. The tops can be worn as a second skin and the tights/leggings are perfect with a skirt and boots.

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